Frequently asked Questions


  • There are all equipments to prepare food in the residences (i.e. pots, pans, refrigerator, cooker and oven). 
  • Bursa, along with its historical character, has a rich cousin. Bursa’s cousin is known for many different types of dish & desert. Some of these plates are: “Iskender kebab” (a special type of kebab served with sauced bread and yoghurt), “Inegol kofte” (plate of special meatballs), “Mustafakemalpasha desert” (cookies served cold with syrup), “cevizli lokum” (a kind of bread kneaded with walnut), “tahinli pide” (sweet kind of bread with a mixture of sesame oil & sugar on top) and chestnut candy. 


  • Cleaning of rooms and shared living places will be done once a week.
  • Guests can exchange money in exchange offices and banks. The currency is Turkish Lira. No other currency is valid. 
  • Friends or family members cannot be hosted. 
  • No pets allowed.


  • There is one bicycle in each residency. 
  • There are public busses ringing between Gölyazı and Uludağ University railway station. (11 rounds on week days, 10 on Saturdays and 13 on Sundays) 
  • Guests will be invited to a sightseeing trip in Bursa city centre for one time.  
  • If demanded, Nilufer Municipality will provide transportation service twice a week for the guests to meet their official procedures or shopping needs. 


  • There is WIFI connection in the residencies. 
  • Guests can benefit from all services of Nilufer Municipality Libraries and access to the international data service.


For further information, you can contact Fatma Tekin via